Flopped ideas or minds?

Isn’t it amazing if we blame minds instead of the ideas? Ideas are merely a trimmed plant, as much as you will trim a plant with care so you will see refined form of garden with an additional cute plant. So assume a number of modules and features as different branches but trimmed. First thing first, if your idea is just a copied idea and it has nothing in it’s soul so it’s not a dead flop idea but your mind is. Because you didn’t even honor your mind so that it can think something better instead of being impressed by someone’s already implemented idea. In case someone else implemented idea isn’t pitched well and you have a better way to present it, still you are accepting that you don’t have guts to come up with something better. No abuse but a large number of big companies are following each other, the same trends, the same terms, and even fighting for the same niche. So the first thing where we can call an idea is a flop idea, it’s a copied idea. A ready to go with vehicle is itself an amazing thing, whatever you do with it’s body work, doesn’t matter at all. Did you try to move on with one wheel and two copter blades? No? Why? Or maybe you could try to make it reverse as trend is going on. But you are moving with the trend so you have no right to say that you came up with an idea.
Next item in the checklist for a flop idea is it’s one side picture. If you are happy enough with your idea and not thinking about other side which is maybe ugly enough to stop working on it, it can come up later in the middle of the project. So it’s better if you can digest it in early phase. Last but not the least is, insufficient market study. Either you are launching something for FREE or maybe PAID but must reach to masses, else you are not going to dent properly. And you will get a backfire for sure.

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