Who uses WooCommerce?

First, when you install WooCommerce, it registers two additional user roles. These are:

  • Shop Manager
  • Customer

Furthermore, it gives additional capabilities for the Administrator to:

  • Manage WooCommerce Settings
  • View WooCommerce Reports

Now let’s look into the two specific roles for WooCommerce.

Customer Role
Any user who registers using the checkout or signup option is defined as a customer on your site. Presently, the capabilities of customer role are as follows:

  • Have read access, similar to a blog subscriber
  • Can view orders and order history
  • Is able to edit own account details

Shop Manager Role
If you hire someone to manage your store, you have to give them access to your site’s back end. This is where Shop Manager role comes into the picture. This role has the same capabilities as customer role, along with the option to edit WooCommerce settings and products. In addition, this role is capable to view WooCommerce reports as well. The shop manager role is actually similar to the Editor role in WordPress.

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